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Face Your Own Goliath

Face Your Own Goliath! Hardcover edition

Sample Excerpt
“Forgiveness is a grand concept, we have all heard of it, and yet we seldom really practice it. Why? Generally it is because we receive little instruction as to practical steps that we can take to effectively do it. Hurt and damage to our psyche and emotions do not go away simply because we wish they would. There are many practical suggestions about how to take action to enter into forgiveness and make it a part of our character. (Go to www.recoveryandredemption.com for a list of some ideas.)

You have completed the first phase of “making things right”, the crucial part of straightening out your internal life. Now, let’s consider how we can do the same externally in our relationships with others.

Now, we must do everything we can to set matters straight with those we have hurt, even as we have seen how others hurt us. This is also a principle. Our mission is to get our life in order so we may be without hindrances to moving forward.

Even more importantly, by doing so we will position ourselves, as David did, to meet great challenges and be of maximum benefit to those around us. We will go from being a distraction to others to being an asset in their lives.

In order to do this, we will have to take another look at our past actions from a different perspective. Most of us do not have real difficulty in identifying how others have hurt us. However, many of us have no realistic assessment of how we have affected others. In order to make things right, we need to examine where we may have been wrong in our actions toward others. We are preparing to confront our own character defects in a practical way and address our impact on others.”