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LifeSteps Launch Bundle

The LifeSteps Luanch Bundle includes everything your church or organization will need to get started with the LifeSteps program. This bundle includes a our hands-on LifeSteps Facilitator Training Workshop and LifeSteps Starter Kit. Learn more about the Workshop and Starter Kit below.

LifeSteps Facilitator Training Workshop

LifeSteps – “Step Up to Step Out” Facilitator Training is required for anyone who wants to start a group and purchase materials. This will maximize your opportunity for a successful launch and on-going group.

Facilitator Training is a three day Intensive that will equip the facilitator to orchestrate LifeSteps in their community. The seminar includes all phases of starting a group, training leaders, organizing your class, and conducting sessions. Lesson instruction will be (and not limited to): denial, fear, honesty, transparency, feelings, relapse, living in the discomfort zone, anonymity, sobriety, belief systems, self-examination, relationship with Christ, bible study, forgiveness, amends, and spiritual disciplines.

When you have completed the on-site intensive you become eligible for four hours of on-going coaching (Skype, FaceTime, Telephone, Email) from Pastors Greg and Dianna as you conduct your first groups.

At the conclusion of training, you will become a “Registered LifeSteps Facilitator” for your church or organization and be eligible to purchase class materials.

The LifeSteps Facilitator Training Workshop value: $269.97

Starter Kit

The LifeSteps Starter Kit includes:

  • LifeSteps Workbook
  • Lesson DVD’s
  • Face Your Own Goliath! book
  • LifeSteps Facilitators Manual
  • Life Recovery Bible
  • Sample journal
  • Forgiveness Exercise Sample

This kit provides you with one copy of all the materials you will need and use to facilitate LifeSteps Groups. This frees you as the facilitator to be present to participants as they process. It enables you do the work of the ministry without having to spend as much time on the mechanics of the meetings.

The LifeSteps Facilitator Training Workshop value: $159.97

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